Wild Rose Public School

Student-Guardian Handbook


Mrs. Jennifer Ferguson Mrs. Rachelle Little
Principal Secretary
jferguson@srsd119.ca rlittle@srsd119.ca
306-747-2323 306-747-2323

Wild Rose Public School


All Parents/Guardians are to complete registration forms for their student (or a verification form for returning students). Forms are available at the office.

New students to the school, we ask that the parents/guardians accompany the student to register. Please have hospitalization number and birth certificate (or copy of birth certificate).


While we strive to promote Wild Rose Public School as a welcome and inviting place, it is a building full of special young people and it is our responsibility to know who is in the building AT ALL TIMES. All visitors MUST report to the Principal’s Office or Main Office IMMEDIATELY upon arrival.  Parents must not go directly to their child’s classroom without first checking in.

Our outside doors remain locked throughout the school day for student and staff security.  Visitors are always welcome and are encouraged to use the Southeast doors to the school where we have installed a remote entry system for the doors.  Visitors will ring a bell and after having been identified are permitted access to the building via a buzzer entry from the office.  This system provides easy access to visitors while allowing us to keep the building secure.  By using the Southeast doors Mrs. Schutte can give access without having to go to the door each time someone rings (which was a regular disruption to her day).


Vehicle traffic in the school parking lot before and after school must occur with respect for the safety of the students and buses themselves.  All vehicles should slowly enter the parking lot, and watch carefully for students walking in the parking lot.


The school will gladly pass along notes or messages to students from home at the nearest time least disruptive to their day.   We ask that you please do not ask us to disturb classes unless an emergency is occurring.

Parents should not attempt to contact student on personal cell phones during class time, students are not to be accessing their phones except for educational purposes during class.


Period 1 8:50-9:40
Period 2 9:40-10:30
AM Recess 10:30-10:45
Period 3 10:45-11:35
Period 4 11:35-12:20
Lunch Time Inside (Eating) 12:20-12:35
Lunch Time Outside (Recess) 12:35-1:05
Period 5 1:10-2:00
PM Recess 2:00-2:10
Period 6 2:10-3:00
Homeroom 3:00-3:15


Every student must have a pair of running shoes with non-marking soles to wear in the school. These shoes will also be worn in the halls and classrooms – only indoor shoes will be allowed in the gym.

These shoes must be proper athletic shoes (not sandals or boots).


Contact with the school can be made in several ways; most efficient during school hours is to call our office @ 306-747-2323 or leave a message. Parents/guardians are always welcome to call or email with questions or information for the school.  Email address to be used is primarily that of our secretaries Mrs. Rachelle Little (rlittle@srsd119.ca)

In order to contact a staff member directly through email please see the list below:

Staff Member Name Position Email Address
Jennifer Ferguson Principal jferguson@srsd119.ca
Rachelle Little Secretary/Librarian rlittle@srsd119.ca
Sara Willems Kindergarten swillems@srsd119.ca
Heather Straf Ed Support Teacher/Gr. 7/8 HR hstraf@srsd119.ca
Leanne Gunderson Gr.1/2 Homeroom lgunderson@srsd119.ca
Kalli Pederson Gr. 3/4 Homeroom kpederson@srsd119.ca
Sydney Kvinlaug Gr. 5/6 Homeroom skvinlaug@srsd119.ca
Mathew Bonin Phys. ED & Science mbonin@srsd119.ca
Toni Brooman Educational Associate
Ashley Beaven Educational Associate
Shelley Oleksyn Educational Associate
Holly Cochrane Social Worker
Gene Slager Caretaker


Students must attend school regularly and punctually. Parents/Guardians please notify the school before 8:30 a.m. if your child is going to be absent or late. Parents of students who have not been excused prior to the start of the school day will automatically be contacted by Safe Arrival.


Parent/Guardians are asked to enter school through security doors at the Southeast corner of the main building.  Please do not use the other doors for entry during the day.


Students/Guardians will receive feedback on student performance in many forms throughout the school year.  Formal ways of communication will include:

Student Achieve Portal – parents and students will have ongoing access to student evaluation used to gauge student comprehension of outcomes.  This portal will be accessible online and all parents will be given access codes to their own child(ren) only.  The portal will be updated regularly by teachers as assignments are evaluated.

CSL Reports – within 4 weeks of the start of each term teachers will be sending home an interim report on students’ Characteristics of Successful Learners.  This will be a snapshot of the students work ethic and not representative of their achievement on outcomes.

Parent Teacher Interviews – will be conducted between the issuing of the CSL Reports and the actual Report Card during Term 1 and 2.  The purpose of this  is to make contact with guardians in advance of formal reporting based on feedback from the CSL Reports.

Report Cards – three times this year we will be sending home formal report cards detailing student successes directly related to the outcomes for their grade level.  A report of CSLs will also accompany the report cards.


Books may be taken out only when the library is open and a librarian is behind the desk.

Books may be returned in the book return bins or in the library.

Re-shelving books is not recommended; please leave them in the return bin in the library.

No food or drink is allowed in the library.

Kindly replace your chair when leaving the library. 

Respect all others using the library. Quiet voices required.


Students will not be given ANY medication without parental consent (this includes over the counter medications such as Tylenol or Advil).


Parent/Guardians are asked to complete the Allergen Awareness section of the registration form as it applies to their child.  Please draw attention to any potentially dangerous allergies and the necessary actions to be taken should a reaction occur.  This information is shared with all staff and posted in our staff room.


Students will be given time to wash hands and then eat lunch in their classrooms from 12:20 – 12:35 before cleaning their respective rooms and going outside for the remainder of the lunch time from 12:35– 1:05.

At Wild Rose we believe nutritional snacks and lunches make for healthier students better able to concentrate and complete educational tasks.  Please consider the nutritional value of all foods sent for students.

Parents please be aware that cold meals are preferable in the school due to a limited number of microwaves.

There are a number of allergy concerns in the school this year, should you receive a notification as to limitations on food in your child’s lunch or snacks please follow the recommendations given.


Students will always be expected to be responsible for their actions and their words.  We continue to support an environment which celebrates the diversity that our student body has to offer.  Bullying of any kind will not be supported by other students or tolerated by staff.

Initial consequences will be established by the staff member closest to the incident with administration involved where necessary.

Behaviour does not exist in isolation; prior actions will affect future levels of discipline.

Ie. Each time you get in trouble consequences will increase.

STUDENT ACCOUNTABILITY – You have the right to learn and the responsibility to allow others to learn. 


Saskatchewan Rivers School Division will not charge fees, levies or other costs for instructional materials and supplies required to meet the mandatory course requirements at each grade level.

Student fees  enhance the learning program by assisting in covering the cost of students participating  in special projects and events, extracurricular programs and field trips.

Please pay student fees as children register if possible. Cheques are payable to Wild Rose Public School. All school fees should be paid by the end of September.

Student fees subsidize trips and curricular activities. All student fees are required to be paid in full including fees from past years that have not been paid.

Student fees this year are:

  • $30 for students Gr. 1-8
  • $20 for Kindergartens


Permission forms are sent home for field trips and special events.

When your child comes home with a permission form please sign and return to the office or designated teacher promptly.   If you have any questions surrounding an event please feel free to call the school.

All volunteer parent drivers MUST fill out a driver application form before transporting students (other than their own children) to or from school sponsored events.  The staff member responsible will provide the form when necessary.


All students are assigned lockers. Students are to keep their belongings in their lockers. Lockers may be opened and inspected at the discretion of the principal. In order to prevent theft or damage of student belongings, we would encourage all students to use their lockers and respect the privacy of others by never going into another’s locker.  The school is not responsible for loss or damage to student belongings.


The internet is an environment of constantly changing, unregulated information that is used as an information resource. The use of the internet is a privilege, not a right, and inappropriate use may result in cancellation of this privilege.

Students are not allowed to access personal e-mail at school or in the school library.

No visits to chat rooms, Twitter, Snapchat,  Facebook or any other such social media platforms at any time.


We live in a technological era – some students carry cell phones. We must however, use them appropriately at school. Therefore we ask our students to be responsible phone users.

The use of cell phones is prohibited during class time unless permitted by the teacher for research, calculations, music, etc. which support student learning.  Parents can leave important messages by calling 306-747-2323.


Most students are responsible and understand the proper use of cell phones. However, if they are not, the following will apply:

-First offense: cell phone shut off and kept in office until the end of the day with warning

– Second offense: cell phone shut off and kept in office until the end of the day– picked up by parent

– Third offense: cell phone shut off and kept in office until the end of the day, phone picked up by a parent – meeting scheduled with student, parent, teacher and administration regarding student being allowed phone at school.


Our SCC provides milk for students which are delivered to the classrooms daily.  More information on this program will be provided in early September.


Teachers are responsible for the discipline in the classroom. Students are expected to:

– work diligently in each class

– obey the classroom rules set by each teacher

– NOT DISRUPT the rest of the class by unruly behavior.

– complete all work to the best of their ability in the timeframe allowed.

– use technology only as directed by teacher.


Recesses and Noon hours:

  • Students are requested to use the hallways in an orderly fashion.
  • Fighting will NOT be tolerated.
  • Students are required to walk, not run in the hallways.
  • Pushing and shoving will NOT be tolerated.
  • Swearing will NOT be tolerated.
  • Students are responsible for keeping the bathrooms neat and tidy. Please use the wastebaskets to dispose of paper towels.
  • Failure to follow hallway rules may result in loss of breaks.

The rules and regulations of the school are intended to help to provide an environment in which students are free to pursue their education with minimum interruption or distractions.


Saskatchewan Rivers Public School Division views the safety of students as a priority and as such there are two main protocols in place to assist in keeping students safe:

  1. Consent Forms – each time students are taken off the school grounds parents/guardians will be asked to complete a consent form acknowledging their child being allowed to take part in the event and giving permission for the taking and using of pictures by the school/school division.
  2. Volunteer Driver authorization forms – to be complete yearly by drivers of students (other than their own) to or from school sponsored events.  The school will not condone transportation which takes place outside this agreement which asks drivers to declare information such as; liability insurance on vehicle, driver’s license number, and agreement to abide by the Highway Traffic Act.
    1. This authorization form will be presented to parents in advance of their planned volunteerism.


  • We are fortunate to have strong tradition and community connection in the form of a Walkathon each fall which supports the substantial offerings we provide students outside the school.  Please support our once a year fundraiser however you can, and join us for the Walkathon and pancake breakfast on Thursday, October 11th.


  • Be prompt and ready to meet the bus.
  •  Stand well back when waiting for the bus, until it has come to a complete stop. If walking around the bus, walk some distance away, so the driver can see you.
  • Board the bus in a careful, orderly, quiet manner, and be seated quickly.
  • Get off the bus quickly and quietly, with no crowding.
  • While on the bus, obey the driver at all times, and sit in the place assigned to you.
  • Remain in your seat while the bus is moving and leave it only when the bus has come to a complete stop.
  •  Keep feet, lunch kits, school bags etc. out of the aisle. Be sure that none of your possessions will be a safety hazard while the bus is moving or if it should suddenly stop.
  •  Get the driver’s permission before opening the windows. Nothing may be stuck or passed out of the windows. Do not throw anything out of the windows.
  • Do not eat anything on the bus, as refuse and spills may be dangerous. Help to keep the bus clean.
  • Do not make excessive noise, use loud talk or profane language on the bus.
  • Do not bring any animal on the bus.
  • If you will not be on the bus for some reason, please notify the bus driver.
  • Dress suitably for the weather. Ie. Winter jacket, ski pants, toque, mitts in winter and at drivers discretion.
  • Failure to follow bus rules may result in denial of bus privileges.